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Hi! These images are quite cool. Why did you stop 4 months ago?

finally someone calls me out ;) in all honesty I’m lazy as fuck and trying to use the internet less so I can enjoy my friends and shit which will probably continue since it’s finally feeling like spring but I’m going to start posting again! Stoners can be quitters though and sometimes I’d just rather be smoking bong, but I’ll try my hardest just for y’all<3

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i have never heard of your blog, but holy shit dude i got stoned today and thought of making a web site exactly like this one i even planned out the layout of the web site and all but then i thought to my self "i hope no one else has made a web site like this ". but of course you made it before me. oh well. just thought i would let u know that this is awesome!!

hahahah thank you ! and that’s exactly what I thought one day actually … but fortunately¬†I wasn’t already beaten hehe

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i totally had a stoner problem in my head today and now i forgot it. shit


Really awesome blog. (:

thank you :D


We all know how great smoking is, but like every other activity it has its "problems", so this is a site dedicated to them. Feel free to submit your own as well via the ask box :)